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    Machiya along a main road 'Gojo-Dori Street' 31.6 M Yen
  • up
    One-Story Machiya House In Kamigyo Ward 19.8 M Yen
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    Old House Built On A Back Alley In Nishijin 14.8 M yen
  • Machiya Near The Center Of Kyoto City 40.8 M Yen
  • Renovated Used House Located At Side Of Forest In Higashiyama 24.8 M yen
  • Macihya House For Sale In Demachiyanagi 39.98 M Yen
  • Used house Near Ninna-ji Temple 12.98 M yen Used house Near Ninna-ji Temple 12.98 M yen
    12980000YEN 5K
    Ukyo-ku Hanazono Enjoji-cho

    Keifuku Kitano LineMyoshinji station
  • Renovated Machiya House In Uzumasa 17.5 M Yen Renovated Machiya House In Uzumasa 17.5 M Yen
    17500000YEN 2LDK
    Ukyo-ku Uzumasa Yasui Kitazono-cho

    Sannin LineHanazono station
  • Machiya House For Sale 15 Minutes Walk From Kyoto Station 49 M yen
  • Renovated Machiya House With A Good View Near Kyoto University 54.8 M yen
  • One-story Terraced House In Nishijin 6.8 M yen
  • Renovated One-Story Machiya House In Nishijin 9.8 M Yen


In Japan, non-Japanese customers can buy, sell, and own real estate even non residents, can hold ownership forever. Besides the ownership, it's allowed to buy real estate for revenue purpose, to obtain rental income. There is no limit to the acquisition of real estate, it's also possible to inherit and possession of land in Japan.
In addition, there is Machiya specific to the ancient capital of Kyoto.
While many Machiya is decreased, people other than Kyoto buys building, renovate to restaurant, change to Machiya guesthouse, or use it as second house, operating, managing and holding in many ways.

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