Necessary Expenses

How much will total payment be?

Here is example of purchasing property in Kyoto.

House for sale : sales value 30,000,000 yen
– land size : 50 m^2
– building size : 70 m^2
– on residential area
– on rebuildable land

a) fixed asset tax – 50,000 yen
b) title registration tax – 100,000 yen
c) title registration fee – 100,000 yen
d) stamp duty – 10,000 yen
e) attorney fee – 30,000 yen
f) broker fee – 1,036,800 yen

total for transaction 31,326800 yen
approx 4.5 % of sales value require for other cost

What’s about city planning tax?

The city planning tax (and planned tax), local tax laws by, urban planning in land and buildings in the area municipality has ordinances can impose in taxes is.

What’s about Registration and license tax?

The registration and license tax (registration and license tax), the registration and license tax is based on, registration , registration , patent , license , permit , approval , certification , imposed for the specified and competence certification national tax in the distribution tax is. Tax rate, unlike other taxes, per thousand and is defined by.

What’s about  stump duty

Stamp duty (Yin Shi tax), the stamp tax law is based on the (May 31, 1967 Law No. 23), is imposed on certain documents corresponding to the taxable property (tax document) Japan of tax

What’s about registration fee?

The registration expense of real estate (land and a building) is the sum total of 1) cost price and 2) judicial scrivener remuneration (commission).

What’s about administrative expenses?

It takes a variety of cost to do the management. Its cost has become the thing to bear is classified owner all by compartmentalized ownership method. The cost of the burden is such as administrative expenses and repair reserve. The burden of each of the categories owner, you Yes stipulates the management contract. However, if the balance of the balance is lost also has become necessary to review the burden, if necessary.

What’s about fire insurance?

Fire insurance (Kasai insurance) is non-life insurance is one of the, building of the articles contained in the and buildings (household goods equipment in the house, such as equipment and product inventory, such as factory) fire I to compensate for the damage caused and wind and flood damage insurance is.

What’s about the brokerage fee

The brokerage fee, it is fee to pay for the real estate agent who introduced me to the property. Of that one month of rent has become common.

What’s about renovation fee?

What is outlaid for the usual maintenance management or repair by the repairing cost of property, such as a building, building attached structure, a mechanical apparatus, automotive equipment, and equipment and fixtures, etc. which have been rented.