Real Estate Terms
Unit of Area

1 tsubo(坪) = 3.30578 m^2

1 tsubo(坪) = 35.58 feet


1 jo (帖) = 1.65 m^2

1 jo (帖) = 17.7917 feet


1 m^2 = 10.7639 feet

1 m^2 = 0.3025 tsubo


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Signboard architecture

Signboard architecture is known as KANBAN KENCHIKU, style of machiya that only front of house is renovated to modern style. It was famous in Showa century, many machiya houses were changed to this style. But it’s still easy to change back to original style. Here is work by professional machiya repair group SAKUJIGUMI.

IMGP2550 IMGP2551

Use District (Zoning)

Use District(Zoning) is one of the areas of the district in city planning law, it is intended to prevent the mix of applications.

Category 1 low-rise exclusive residential
Category 2 low-rise exclusive residential
Category 1 medium-to-high-rise exclusive residential
Category 2 medium-to-high-rise exclusive residential
Category 1 residential
Category 2 residential
Neighborhood commercial
Exclusive industrial
Not designated