International Business Division

Business Description

  • Managing and intermediation of real estate buying/selling/leasing transactions
  • Building maintenance and management
  • Operations consulting
  • Design, execution, and contracting of civil engineering construction
  • Damage insurance agency and work related to enrolling clients in life insurance
  • Advertising agency work
  • Information processing systems development and sales
  • All work incidental to the above

Introduction of Team

Masato Tsushima

English and Japanese speaker, serve in the real estate over 2 years
Working skills: leasing

Peng Cheng-Sheng

Chinese, English and Japanese speaker, serve in the real estate over 2 year
Working skills: leasing

Yoshimasa Fujio

Chinese and Japanese speaker, serve in the real estate over 2 years
Working skills: leasing and buy and sell


Chinese and Japanese speaker, serve in the real estate 1 year
Working skills: leasing


Chinese and Japanese speaker, serve in the real estate 1 year
Working skills: leasing

Business Results

Higashi Kujo Nishifudatsuji-cho House
sales price 2.200.000 yen

land size 41.46 m^2
building size 27.95 m^2
(29/05/2015)Buyer mediation
Shichiku Nakakashiwano-cho House
sales price 2.500.000 yen

land size 37.15 m^2
building size 20.16 m^2
(22/05/2015)Buyer mediation
Shimogyo Iwataki-cho Machiya House
sales price 23.800.000 yen

land size 78.21 m^2
building size 136.19 m^2
(30/04/2015)Buyer mediation
Murasakino Kamikashiwano-cho House
sales price 12.000.000 yen

land size 94.28 m^2
building size 133.55 m^2
(30/03/2015)Buyer mediation
Lions Mansion Nijo Takakura
sales price 8.400.000 yen

building size 24.68 m^2
(13/03/2015)Buyer mediation
Higashiyama Furunishi-cho Land
sales price 62.500.000 yen

land size 78.2 m^2
(02/03/2015)Seller mediation
Suzaku-cho Machiya House
sales price 30,000,000 yen

land size 88.42 m^2
building size 122.46 m^2
worked buying machiya house and renovation
(19/02/2015)Buyer mediation
Lions Mansion Senbon Marutamachi
sales price 8.500.000 yen

building size 39.43 m^2
(16/02/2015)Buyer mediation
Higashiyama Umamachi House
sales price 16.000.000 yen

land size 31.26 m^2
building size 69.63 m^2
(03/02/2015)Buyer mediation
Shimogyo Sendo-cho House
sales price 26.000.000 yen

land size 52.82 m^2
building size 69.08 m^2
(13/01/2015)Buyer mediation
Higashiyama Tokiwa-cho House
sales price 12.300.000 yen

land size 47.23 m^2
building size 52.02 m^2
(16/09/2014)Buyer mediation
sales price: 7,500,000 yen

rent income: 629,640 yen
gross return: 8.40 %
(27/05/2014)Buyer mediation
Takatsuji Omiya apartment
sales price: 62,500,000 yen

rent income: 6,151,200 yen
gross return: 9.84 %
(17/03/2014)Buyer mediation
Tanaka Minami Nishiura-cho apartment
sales price: 7,200,000 yen
renovation fee: 6,380,000 yen

rent income: 2,040,000 yen
gross return: 15.02 %
(05/12/2013)Buyer mediation