Contract Terms

Notarized AFFIDAVIT is used to define name and address who does’t have address in Japan. It’s needs to be notarized by notary office in same nationality embassy. The purpose for this documents is using as same certification of address in Japan, to check whose name and address for registration. Therefore, it will be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau in same local office where property exist for correct registration of ownership by scrivener.

If you can get it in advance before visiting Kyoto, the procedures for paper works will be much easier . The AFFIDAVIT holds good for three months. Here is sample form of AFFIDAVIT.
sample of AFFIDAVIT

Revenue stamp fee

A small piece of adhesive paper that is put on contract document to show that a government tax has been paid.

Registration fee

Fees pay to resister the ownership of property on an official list, including ownership transfer, commission fee to judicial scrivener for their work.

Brokerage Commission

An upper limit of the amount is fixed by Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law. Half of commission fee is paid at contract and balance payment is paid at complete of procedures.

a) under 2,000,000 yen = 5/100 (5%) + 8% consumption tax
b) between 2,000,000 yen – 4,000,000 yen = 4/100(4%) + 8% consumption tax
c) over 4,000,000 yen = 3/100 (3%) + 8% consumption tax

simple calculation
case 1. purchase price 50,000,000 yen
((price 5,000,000 yen x 3%) + 60,000 yen) x 8% = 1,684,800 yen

a) under 2,000,000 yen x 5% =100,000 yen
b) between 2,000,000 yen – 4,000,000 yen x 4% = 80,000 yen
c) over 4,000,000 yen x 3% = 1,380,000 yen

(a + b + c = 1,560,000 yen) x 8% consumption tax = 1,684,800 yen

Down payment/ deposit

Down payment / deposit is normally paid at contract, 10 % of purchase amount. It’s used for part of total payment, in case of cancel, it will change to cancel fee.